Here you can choose which service suits your needs best.

FREE discovery call Here we can make sure that I am the right professional for you and your dog. All pet professionals work in different ways and I feel that it is important for you to be able to know what my values are and the methods I use to teach. Here is where we can have a chat about it all to see if we are all the same page, teaching our dogs positively and ethically.

1 to 1 sessions (in person)

Online 1 to 1 sessions Tailored online sessions where you can explain to me your dogs situation and the behaviours you see and we can work together to find kind methods to help your dog to live a more comfortable and relaxed life.


Stay calm in the presence of other people and their dogs.

These classes are designed for dogs that have not yet learned or appropriately developed their social skills. Some are showing signs of anxiety, fear or aggression and some are a little, or a lot, over excited.

These groups provide a safe and structured environment for us to practice in these types of situations and help our dogs to remain calm around other people and their dogs.

A positive environment for people to let go of the embarrassment of their dogs behaviours and help their dogs to relax in a social situation. Covering socialisation and also some of the basics like ‘sit’ and ‘wait’.

These classes begin with a video, which helps humans to better understand the route cause of their dogs behaviours so that we can better help them to make positive change. It also makes sure that we are all on the same page ready for the practical sessions. It is approximately 22 minutes long, the link will be sent to you in the confirmation email once you have booked your place so grab a cuppa and give it a watch before week 1 of our classes. This is then followed by 6 weeks of practical sessions to put theory to practice.

Total cost 85€

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Lead Walking Workshop

AUG 9th 2022 – AUG 30th 2022

Simple activities to start your process towards loose lead walks.

We take a look at different collars, harnesses, head collars and leads, to help you choose the right tool for you and your dog. We then practice loose lead techniques to get your dog walking happily at your side.

Then practice positive praise and reward, so your dog knows when they are getting things right.

35 Euros per place